Smarter Analysis Sharing – Don’t get left behind

After reading the interesting Irish Digital Consumer Report 2017, I found myself unsurprised by the vast majority of numbers mentioned. What is needed as a performance/video analyst is to use these numbers to ensure analysis access is easy for the modern day player.

Some basic numbers from the aforementioned report and the Ipsos MRBI recent data show:

  • 88% of Irish people aged 16-64 own a smartphone.
  • 61% of online video viewers prefer to watch short content (< 5 minutes) on their smartphones.
  • WhatsApp is owned by 55% of the Irish population, increasing from 36% in 2014.

I’m 34 (ahem, a young 34) and my generation is familiar with emails, web links and web browsers but the introduction of smartphones has obliterated these skills for the younger generation. Apps are king and the under 25’s are vastly more adept at using and accessing apps over the traditional website. This impacts greatly on how we can share analysis to squads and managers.

Getting the key information to the player is a major aspect of sports analysis. The method of distribution can be a make or break for any team management. Modern day players have less access to a desktop PC, their smartphone is their life, tapping into their day-to-day smartphone usage breaks down any barrier. Analysts need to consider this when building an analysis set-up. Managers need to know how to get the key messages across to players.

Using Websites and E-mails to share information to players will limit your reach in the coming years. Whatsapp is an extremely common approach by most managers to contact team players, but it isn’t the only option. There are other apps that may be utilised in future years….


  • 84% of 15-18 year olds have a Snapchat account.
  • 85% of these use it daily.

Snapchat is currently the app of choice for under 25’s for quick messaging. Smartphones can now take, send and view images in seconds. Can a GAA analyst utilise this app to share video analysis? I currently follow American Football analyst Daniel Jeremiah (@movethesticks) on Snapchat and he produces excellent analysis snaps every week to review football performances. Snapchat allows you to easily add highlighting lines and text to any clip or image.


Instagram has now a 25% user level in Ireland, but more importantly:

  • 68% of 15-18 year olds have an Instagram account.

Snapchat is king at quick, short images/videos sharing but Instagram is built on it’s the ability to share high quality images and videos online – an analysts dream. Instagram allows private membership so “followers” must request access to your images/videos – thus restricting access to team members. It stores your images and videos unlike Snapchat (which deletes clips/images once seen) for playback. It is an excellent tool.

Just look at how the NFL shares clips on Instagram

@dangerusswilson’s escapability: ???. ? #DETvsSEA #tbt

A video posted by NFL (@nfl) on

A high quailty clip with 500k views.


Snapchat and Instagram must become serious options for analysts to distribute analysis to players in the coming years. Smartphone apps are already giving us tools to impact the players. Just look at this image of the Argentina dressing room from last summer…

Apps are free to utilise, need no training up for players and no password restricted access. They offer instant access to the key target market – the players. Using these tools can bridge a gap between generations.


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